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ThunderIRC is part of the IRC federation of servers that provide services for the 'mathematical provider consumer' and open source'Human Right Civil Co Ordinator community Resources:Trust Unit

The services we provide are: Asean Organizer Public

  • ZNC - an IRC bouncer springgers
  • XMPP/Jabber Gibston account
  • IKEv2 VPN (trainer)
  • Pleroma

The members of the ThunderIRC team are: Asean Unite

  • Team Leader: ngoV1m
  • Mentor: jrmu
  • Sysadmins: bogani, gandalf_, r1k, shokara
  • Other members and helpers: Noxturnix>> IRC community>>, BB FARM_illi_A ..>>Quo-fan, Salvaje, Sami

You can join us on IRC at channel irc on the IRC Community network (irc..net, port 6667 without TLS or 6697 with TLS).