Minutemin Bootcamp


Welcome to IRCNow!

Before you apply

  1. Sign up for a liberty shell
  2. Unix101: Learn the Command Line
  3. Unix201?: Understand Network Civics
  4. Unix301?: Learn the Unix Work Ethic
  5. Unix401?: Shell Script
  6. Perl101?: Perl Scripting
  7. Unix601?: Program in C

Required for Training

Get Familiar with IRCNow Culture

  1. Read up on our goals for IRC
  2. Read up on IRCNow's roadmap
  3. Learn about our commitment to user freedom
  4. Read and understand the IRCNow Constitution
  5. Read the Code of Honor, the Server Creed, and the Call of Duty.

Learning Basic Utilities

  1. Give yourself root powers using doas
  2. Patch your system using syspatch
  3. Read about basic TCP/IP networking
  4. Read about IPv4 networking
  5. Read about IPv6 networking

Setting up IRC

  1. Setup Ngircd, your IRC server
  2. Configure hopm, an open proxy monitor that detects and bans spammers

Network Troubleshooting

  1. Troubleshoot networking applications with netcat
  2. Troubleshoot basic networking connectivity with ping
  3. Troubleshoot DNS servers and records with dig

Setting up SSL

  1. Configure your webserver, openhttpd
  2. Get an SSL certificate to go with your web server with acme-client

Customizing your Web Server

  1. Set up and configure PHP
  2. Install PMWiki, your own private wiki

Installing a Bouncer

  1. Set up znc, a bouncer we will provide for users
  2. Configure relayd as a reverse proxy for your znc web panel
  3. Set up oidentd, which is needed to prevent abuse for the bouncer

Configuring DNS

  1. Learn about DNS fundamentals
  2. Learn how to configure a vhost
  3. Troubleshoot DNS issues with host? and dig
  4. Configure your local caching nameserver using unbound
  5. Configure your authoritative nameserver, nsd.

Configuring Networking

  1. Configure new IPv6 addresses
  2. Test basic connectivity with ping

Setting up a Mail Server

  1. Configure OpenSMTPd, our mail server
  2. Configure SPF, DKIM, and DMARC
  3. Send an email message to your personal email address such as Gmail or Outlook. Also practice sending a message from your personal email to your mail server.
  4. Double check to ensure you do not have an open mail relay
  5. Install and configure Dovecot, our IMAP server. Connect your email client to the server

Congratulations! Join the Team!

  1. Read up on team procedure.
    1. and Stable server protocol.
    2. and Testing? server protocol.

Please continue with ongoing training.