Ongoing Training

Claiming Networks

  1. Claim your team's networks

Ongoing training for minutemin:


  1. Practice installing botnow
  2. Provide customer support for ZNC?
  3. Learn the protocol for administrating ZNC
  4. If your team claims a network which offers botnets as a service, read up on Wraith


  1. Fix file permissions

Source Control

  1. Install and configure your source control repo using got?, a minimalist git clone
  2. Install and configure gotweb, a got viewer for the web


  1. Setup a chrooted sftp user account for users' file storage

System Utilities

  1. Learn how to use ssh keys and the ssh backdoor
  2. Follow the VMM User Guide
  3. Reinstall OpenBSD 6.8 on your VPS using the VMM install guide
  4. Upgrade OpenBSD 6.8 using sysupgrade and /bsd.rd using the VMM upgrade guide
  5. Learn about fdisk and disklabel
  6. On your practice VPS, add a new disk and grow a disk partition


  1. Use tcpdump to read network packets
  2. Configure static networking
  3. Learn about packet filter
  4. Configure a firewall for stable and testing servers
  5. Read the guide on ddos defense, practicing at home on a simulated lab where you have permission to test
  6. Configure your rDNS zone using nsd
  7. Add IPSec VPNs with iked


  1. Detect abusive users with the policing guide