OpenBSD bsd.rd Install Guide

Sometimes, you lack a CD-ROM or USB stick to install OpenBSD from. Other times, you may want to quickly rescue and repair damaged system files on OpenBSD. Finally, you might want to upgrade an existing install of OpenBSD. For all these cases, booting bsd.rd is the fastest way to install/repair/upgrade your system.

This is a quick guide for installing/upgrading OpenBSD using bsd.rd.

NOTE: This guide is no substitute for reading the OpenBSD FAQ. In particular, you should read the Installation Guide

  1. At bootup, type boot bsd.rd, then press enter. NOTE: you must do this quickly to avoid automatic bootup.
  2. NOTE: At any time during the installation, if you make a mistake, you can type ctrl+c to cancel the install process. Then, press ctrl+d to bring back the installation options.
  3. Follow the rest of the OpenBSD 6.8 Install Guide.