Become a Pioneer!

Free 4-Week Sysadmin Course

If you want independence, you want to run your own virtual private server (VPS). For four weeks, IRCNow is offering a FREE OpenBSD sysadmin course with a VPS. We will help train pioneers so they can control their own tech.

Of the Users, By the Users, For the Users


Don't build your digital life and business on a platform controlled by a corporate monopoly. There's no future there; the system is rigged against you.

On our network, all users are created equal. We don't answer to billionaire CEOs, elites, or corporate monopolies. This LAN was made for you and me.

Claim Your VPS Homestead Today!

Welcome to IRCNow, the new center for the startup dream.

What You'll Learn

  1. How to use OpenBSD
  2. How to set up your own VPN (virtual private network)
  3. How to set up your own mail server
  4. How to set up your own webserver and web applications
  5. How to configure TLS for security
  6. How to run your own IRC social network (includes bots, bouncers, services)
  7. How to set up your own file sharing server
  8. How to set up your own firewall
  9. How to set up your own nameserver and how to purchase a custom domain

How to Apply

  1. If you're new to Unix, create a free shell account and finish the unix101 tutorial.
  2. Join us over on IRC on one of our servers on #vps
  3. Send an email to
  4. Get verified using any one method below:
    1. Find a mutual friend who can refer you to IRCNow staff, OR
    2. Contribute 5 articles, OR
    3. Share a code project you've worked on, OR
    4. Share a personal social media/website/blog you write for


At the end of the four free weeks course, you can:

  1. Purchase the VPS at $5USD/month. Proceeds go towards supporting a free network
  2. Volunteer as staff to keep the VPS free of charge