Apply to be a Sysadmin

If you would like to help improve IRC while learning sysadmin and coding skills, we would love to have you join our team.

Your Reward

  1. Become an IRC oper and staff on IRCNow
  2. Free OpenBSD VPS
  3. Learn UNIX sysadmin with real servers
  4. Learn to write code for real users
  5. Hang out with friends while improving IRC
  6. Add a new work experience for your CV/resume
  7. Help improve freedom on the internet

We would like to someday pay salaries to our staff, but we cannot afford to do so at this time.

How to Apply

  1. Request a shell account
  2. Learn the system by following our UNIX tutorials. We require all recruits finish training tutorials before applying.
  3. Learn how to ask smart questions.
  4. Take the time to learn OpenBSD.
  5. Become familiar with our goals for IRC and our commitment to user freedom.
  6. Send an email application to the server you want to apply to. Each team will have its own interview procedure. They will conduct an interview which may ask for a resume including your full legal name, address, phone number, work references, or your websites/social media.

Your Duties

  1. Commit to help your team for a minimum of 5 hours per week
  2. Work on the IRCNow Roadmap
  3. You can optionally work on third party software
  4. You must be willing to help with customer support, documentation, and other non-coding tasks