Ally Networks

Allies share users and combat abuse.

We will help advertise your network and bring our users to you. Email us at or contact us over IRC at #help.


  1. We can set up IRC relays to link select channels on our network together
  2. We will recommend users on our bouncers to your network
  3. We will advertise your network on our site
  4. We will provide ilines for your bouncers/shells
  5. If needed, we can provide spam filters and support
  6. If needed, we can help provide advice for how to deal with DDoS and criminals


  1. Channels with adult content (NSFW) must be properly labeled
  2. Permanent ilines for as many users as either ally needs
  3. Respond to abuse reports to stop illegal criminal activity (carding, ddos, scamming, phishing, spam)
  4. Work together to obtain evidence or logs to stop abuse
  5. Work together to reduce spam and harassment

Here is a list of supported IRC Networks.