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Create Got Repo

This guide explains how to create a got repository. It assumes you have already read the got usage guide.

Create commit group

First, you may want to create a new group with commit rights:

$ doas groupadd commit

For each existing user you want to give commit rights to:

$ doas usermod -G commit $USER

For each new user you want to create with commit rights:

$ doas useradd -G commit $USER

Replace $USER with the committer's user's name.

Create got directory

We are going to place the repo in /var/git:

$ doas mkdir /var/git
$ doas chown -R $USER:commit /var/git
$ cd /var/git

Next, you can either clone a repo or create a new one:

Clone Repo

To clone a repo without encryption (WARNING: insecure):

$ got clone git://

Replace with your actual path.

HTTP URLs currently requires git?:

$ git clone

Create Repo

To create an empty repository:

$ got init /var/git/project

Replace project with your actual repo name. For example:

Afterwards, we need to import the code for the repository:

$ got import -m "Import sources" -r /var/git/project /path/to/code
  • -m provides the log message for the import.
  • -r provides the repository path.

Replace project and /path/to/code. For example:

$ got import -m "Import sources" -r /var/git/ircnowd ~/ngircd

This will import the code from ngircd into ircnowd .

Allow commit access

Make sure to set the proper permissions to allow commit access:

$ doas chown -R $USER:commit /var/git/project
$ doas chmod -R g+w /var/git/project

Checkout code

To checkout the code:

$ cd ~
$ mkdir ~/project
$ got checkout /var/git/project

Commit code

To commit changes in a work tree:

$ got -m "Commit message" commit

Replace Commit message with a commit message.

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