1. Games
    1. Uno, Scrabble, Word Game, Hangman, Trivia Game, Poker, Blackjack, Hold'em
  2. News
    1. RSS reader
    2. Weather reports
  3. Channel Management
    1. BlackTools
  4. Chat bots
    1. Auto Greet
  5. Bible bot
  6. Misc
    1. URL reader
    2. Channel Stats
    3. Lastseen
    4. Pricebot
  • complements your chat group (IRC channel) with weather, music, and games
  • helps you manage and administer the IRC channel
  • free of charge, with free software
  • real time support from IRCNow over live chat

Request a free bot in #ircnow to use for your own channel!

Relay bot

You can relay your channel on multiple networks! This makes it easier for your users since they no longer have to switch IRC networks in order to chat. You can create the same channel on multiple networks, then relay them together so it feels like everyone is in the same room.


  1. Relay multiple channels on multiple networks
  2. On servers you own, each channel can see 1 nick per user on other networks

We are working on adding spam and profanity filters as well as better moderation tools to increase the security of the relays.

Chat bot

  - Display the title of a posted URL
  - Read RSS feeds

We are working on adding these features:

  1. Play chess on IRC
  2. Code snippet upload
  3. File upload

Bible bot

Study the Holy Bible.

  1. Around 100 open/public domain translations in over 20 languages
  2. Passage and verse quoting

HTTP bot

This is still a work in progress (not yet ready for borrowing).

A scriptable http interface that connects to IRC through a bouncer. This lets you script bots using curl.

  1. Easily create your own bots using shell scripts and curl
  2. Can be used to create IRC clients that can bypass restrictive firewalls
  3. Can be used to create a web IRC client